Amy Sabrina Website

Amy Sabrina was a free spirit. Her work and her life celebrated the joys of living in this world.

Amy created elegant and playful work from earthenware clay. Many quiet hours went into making and incising each form, then painting the bisque-fired surface with layers of colorants and glaze. Her many imaginative pieces were inspired by a passion for life and its mysteries.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, she lived and worked on her 35-acre homestead, called Sweetgrass Farm, in Dalbo, Minnesota, until the end of her life in 2013. There she made pottery, held dances, hosted retreats, taught classes and celebrated her love of nature.

As an artist Amy Sabrina lets her heart in, and the results are achievements worthy of celebration”

Robert Silberman
American Craft – September/October 2005




The website used playful imagery from Amy’s pottery.
• The site was designed as an image based site that used sliced Photoshop files for functionality.
• 40 pages
• Photography by Dan Donovan and Amy Sabrina
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